AJA #31: Chain Guards, Speed Wobble, & Why We Can't Have Nice Things


  • tuctrohs on Reddit

    The “C” in 700C is not indicating a hooked or crochet rim. It’s a legacy indication of tire width, that meant about 44 mm tire width. The C for crotchet is in the ISO rim designation, 622 × 19C, for example, meaning 622 BSD with 19 mm inside width. 622 × 20 without the C would indicate a straight-sided rim with 20 mm inside width.

    In the old French width system, C is 44 mm width, and D is about 60 mm. These new wheels, 660 BSD with tire widths around 44 mm should be called 750C. 750D would be a the name for a 60 mm wide tire on a ~630 BSD rim.

  • Joseph Kozachek

    Hi all… not so much a comment as a question for Josh…. This is regarding polish and deep section matte wheels…(disc brake only). Question: Should you use polish on the wheel surfaces. 1) will it reduce drag? 2) will it interfere with the forming of a boundry layer and air re attachment? or 3) will it not do much opther than maybe let the wheel stay cleaner?

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