Chain Lube POP

What is it?

9 bottles of Super Secret Lube, 16 bottles of Synergetic Lube, and a countertop friendly POP display featuring Jens Voigt

Who's it for?

The shop that wants to show their customers they are carrying the absolute best in chain lube technology to not only help them go faster, but maintain their drivetrains longer.

Why We Designed It:

We have seen so many customer absolutely loving our chain lube technology.  We wanted to make it easier than ever for our retail partners to share their knowledge of maintaining bicycles and going faster.  With that idea, out comes the chain lube POP.  Show your customers the award winning chain lube and all of the tech specs about it right as they select their lubricant, or even at the checkout counter!



  • 9 bottles of Super Secret wax based lube
  • 16 bottles of Synergetic oil based lube
  • Countertop POP to share the most important information for chain lube choices 

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