Diamond Polished and Waxed Chain Bundle

What is it?

The world's fastest ever racing chain preparation, featuring a 72 hour diamond slurry polish, tungsten disulfide surface impregnation, and ultra-sonic SecretChain Blend Hot waxing. The bundle also includes additional SuperSecret Drip Wax, the finest microfiber towel and a bag of Secret Chain Blend to keep the chain running optimally.

Who's it for?

Diamond Polished chains are for the professional athlete or other discerning cyclist seeking the lowest possible friction.  These chains have been used by ProTour teams, world championship winners, and track record breakers.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs

Why We Designed It:

Up until now, racing chain preparations have included a thorough cleaning, or at most a dyno break-in to help de-bur and remove any residual metal from the manufacturing process, followed by a hot waxing or other lubrication process.  SILCA Diamond Polished chains, are the first ever to be internally polished by running in a slurry of diamond powder for a minimum of 72 hours to polish the internal surfaces of the chain.
Diamond slurry polishing can reduce surface roughness by as much as 5x, leaving behind an incredibly consistent, isotropic surface with little to no roughness variance.  We then run the chain in Tungsten Disulfide powder which has been sized exactly to the diamond surface, permanently impregnating the metal with trillions of WS2 nano-particles.  
Finally, your chain takes a trip to the chain spa for a hot waxing in our world class Secret Blend hot wax which contains the same WS2 particles.  
The result is a chain which runs as much as 30% more efficiently than other prepared racing chain preparations, potentially saving up to 0.6-0.8 watts over the previously fastest chain preparation in the world.  Best of all, the magic in our preparation is on the inside of the chain, so our preparation uses no powder on the outside to mark or stain hands or clothing.. 


  • Each SILCA pre-waxed chain is isotropically Diamond Polished and waxed
  • Super Secret Chain Coating (4 oz) for the 100-mile replenishment schedules
  • Microfiber Towel for daily use, post-ride debris removal
  • Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax (500 g) for 800-1000-mile chain maintenance
  • Covered Under SILCA's Limited Warranty

Tips for Maintaining Your Investment:

  • Every Ride: Wipe down the chain to remove larger debris from the chain
  • Every 100-Mile Replenishment: Apply a drop of Super Secret Chain Coating to each roller, cycling drivetrain backwards 10-12 times to fully penetrate, allow it to dry, and wipe off excess before riding
  • Every 800-1000 Mile Maintenance: Remove chain, dip in boiling water to clean, use Secret Chain Blend Hot Wax treatment, allow to the chain to cure, reinstall chain, and ride


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