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Friends and Family: Demo and Media Sample Sale

You have been invited to the SILCA Demo page because you are special, and because we want to say thanks.  Thanks for your business, thanks for your social media support, thanks for talking about us with your friends..all of it, and we mean ALL of it, has been vital to the success of our company.  

This collection is made up of Demo, Photo and Media samples (and a few just because we love you!) which we have collected over the last year.  Most everything in this collection has been unboxed, photographed, featured in a magazine article, used by a technical editor for a few days, etc.  We have noted the description of the use alongside the item as well as any imperfections or damage that may be present.  Most of these items are NEARLY PERFECT, yet we cannot re-sell them at full price because they have some slight use or imperfect packaging.  Some of them have simply set on a table at an expo or event where they have received some minor nicks or scratches from being handled while talking about them.

In most cases we have 1 or 2 items ONLY so hesitation will not be rewarded!

Best regards and again, our sincerest Thanks!

Josh and the SILCA Team