SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump with Hiro Chuck: Education First Pro Cycling

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Please note: This floor pump is very limited. Only two available.

What is it?

The evergreen SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pump with iconic graphics inspired by the Education First Pro Cycling team.

Who's it for?

Cyclists who appreciate highly functional works of art that last a lifetime.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs | Getting Started

Why We Designed It:

We work closely with the EF Pro Cycling team. Why don't you see our name plastered everywhere? Because we work behind the scenes to assist the technical/mechanic side. Our products provide a high-quality lifeline to quick repairs, pre-race preparations, and on-going support. This heirloom pump combines both our passion for the team and how SILCA is known globally. 



  • Full Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood and Brass Construction - NO PLASTICS
  • SILCA Lifetime PLUS Shield Warranty - the most comprehensive Warranty in all of Cycling
  • Ergonomic Purpleheart wood and Investment Cast Stainless Steel Handle
  • Full IGUS Linear Bearings for Ultimate Smoothness
  • 2.5mm Thick Full Grain Leather Cup Gasket - More Efficient and Durable than Rubber!
  • 1% Gauge Accuracy allows for Ultimate Ride Tuning

Getting Started:

Please Note: With all premium, custom-painted pumps, you will be contacted upon receiving your order. Please be sure to have your correct phone number and email address at checkout.


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