SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pumps


 Men's Journal Calls SuperPista Ultimate 'Possibly the Greatest Bicycle Tool Ever'

The SILCA SuperPista has long set the standard of what a bicycle floor pump could and should be.  As an object used before almost every ride, a floor pump has the ability to optimize the comfort and handling of your bicycle, to allow you to adjust the way a bicycle feels before a particular ride.  They can bring great pleasure of use, or pain, suffering and frustration.  A great floor pump must feel good in your hands, operate smoothly and consistently, and be stable under foot, regardless of what shoes you are wearing.  It must also last the test of time, not letting you down in a race parking lot or hotel room far from home.

  • Super heavy Vacuum cast Zinc base weighs 2 pounds but is only 5mm thick
  • +/-1% accurate laboratory grade gauge, 0-160psi and 0-60psi gauge
  • Rosewood handles with ergonomics equal to high-end culinary knives
  • 3mm Italian leather gasket for unmatched surface sealing
  • Stainless steel Automotive brake line used for the hose handles 12,000 psi
  • Magnetic dock manages the fully 17-4 stainless steel chuck when not in use

In 2014, SILCA moved SuperPista production to Indianapolis taking the historic SILCA ideals and reimagining them with new technologies, manufacturing methods and processes.  High tech manufacturing methods and materials have been combined with old world materials and ideals to create an heirloom quality product which you will be proud to hand down to the next generation. 

SILCA SuperPista Ultimate and Ultimate PLUS benefit from our 25 Year Hard Parts Warranty

Vacuum Cast From High Performance Zinc, the Ultimate Base weighs as much as most entire floor pumps and contacts the ground using 3 red feet made from an elastomer designed for high-end furniture feet.  Safe on wood, marble, slate, you name it #ThinkOfEverything

Inspired by our friend's misfortune as he slipped off his floor pump and gouged the sole of his 2 day old Rapha shoes, the Ultimate base is the thinnest ever and optimized specifically for cycling cleats. #WhyDidntAnybodyThinkofThisBefore

Ultimate Gauges have more in common with Automatic Timepieces than pump gauges.  1% accuracy (rather than the +/-5% industry standard) allows for 1psi precision on the 0-160psi gauge and 0.5psi precision on the 0-60 gauge.  The result: Ultimate pumps finding their way onto the ProTour, Pro CX and Pro Enduro circuits.  Unique face mount design allows the gauges to be swapped in about 2 minutes. #OptimizeEverything

Magnetic chuck docking allows the 17-4 Stainless Steel presta chuck to be docked and removed using only the hose with no bending or reaching.  A very high strength neodymium magnet holds the chuck in the dock with enough force that the pump can be picked up by the handle for transport without undocking, yet a quick pull of the hose quickly frees the chuck.  #SILCACustomersDontBendOver

Both Presta and Schrader chucks are connected to the SILCA exclusive 12,000 psi hose.  Originally designed for use in race car and aircraft brake line, the Ultimate hose is just that, the Ultimate. Smooth bore PTFE liner, over-braided in stainless steel, then over-extruded in protective and beautiful red urethane.  Unlimited rotational fittings are used on both ends of the hose, allowing it to flex and rotate from both ends even when pressurized.  Ultimate breaks the mold again by including the hose in the 25 year warranty of the pump and not treating it as a wear item.  #ThanksF16andF1forYourAwesomeTechnology 

Borrowing from top level mountain bike, motorcycle and racecar suspension, the Ultimate uses a PTFE impregnated, hard anodized piston rod running inside an IGUS linear bearing in the top cap for minimal play with maximum smoothness.  These are the identical materials and processes used by companies with names like Fox, Ohlins, Porsche and many others.               #MoreLikeASuspensionForkThatPumpsAir

The final contact point is possibly the most complex: The Handle.  Inspired both by classic frame lugs and the finest Japanese kitchen knives, the Ultimate handle blends Investment cast Stainless Steel lugs with hand turned RoseWood to create a shape that is both secure and comfortable in the hand, wider, larger diameter, and more ergonomically refined than any other pump handle, the Ultimate handle is the result of over concepts and prototypes.  One of our most common customer comments is that after pumping with an Ultimate, it is hard for your hands, elbows and shoulders to use anything else. #ErgoIsTheNewAero

NOW AVAILABLE with BOTH Gauges as the SuperPista Ultimate PLUS.

Every detail has been scrutinized and refined in the design and manufacture of the SuperPista Ultimate.  We are so proud of it that we are providing a 25 year hard parts warranty.  Every pump is hand assembled with tremendous pride in the USA using the finest components from the USA, Italy and Taiwan.  

If you have questions or would like to talk to us about the Ultimate you can talk to the people who designed and hand build every Ultimate pump, please email us at or call us at 317.964.0592

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