EDC Utility and Pump Strap

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What is it?

The EDC Utility and Pump strap is a versatile nylon web strap combined with a highly reflective 3M SILCA badge that can secure items like frame pumps to your bicycle.

Who's it for?

The cyclist looking for extra security for their frame pump or looking for an alternative way to carry their flat kit.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs

Why We Designed It:

For cyclists covering the cobbles of Roubaix or the bricks in front of the local coffee shop, keeping their frame pump secure has been a top priority. We designed this strap to give an extra layer of security to those pumps as well as adding another way to carry spare tubes or tubular tires on your bicycle.


  • Non-abrasive nylon strap with D-ring
  • 3M reflective panel with pull loop
  • 290mm x 14mm strap length with extended hook & loop closure securely wraps objects with a 60mm diameter or 188mm circumference


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