EOLO III - CO2 Regulator with 2 Ultra Premium Cartridges

The smallest spool valve CO2 regulator on the market.  Branded with our Italian Heritage  our newest version of the EOLO regulator is a new take on the oldest CO2 regulator head.

  • Package contains EOLO III Regulator with Red-White-Green Insulators
  • 2 Ultra-Premium 16gm CO2 Cartridges
  • 1 SILCA Cartridge Helmet 
  • Threads onto both Presta and Schrader valves for secure no-leak interface
  • Lightest spring action of any spring-valve regulator
  • 'Camera-lens' style valve head allows for easy installation even in disc wheels
  • Insulation rings keep fingers from freezing and offer color customization

Please note: we can only ship EOLO III Kits and CO2 Cartridges within the Continental USA. Orders outside Continental USA please see the EOLO III regulator only option

In 1982 SILCA developed the first regulated CO2 inflator.  As Claudio himself explained, 'Before EOLO, you had to turn the cartridge and pray!'  Giving the user the ability to regulate the flow of gas into the tire was the key to widespread adoption of compressed gas for roadside use.  

EOLO III builds on the SILCA tradition by using an ultra-precise spool valve design with light action spring to give the user perfect control of the flow into the tire.  The full metal construction of the EOLO III contains no plastic parts and is manufactured entirely from 6063 series aluminum and stainless steel.  Hardened tool steel puncture pin is more than 2X the hardness of traditional puncture pins to ensure smooth operation in all conditions over many years.

3 Insulating rings on the EOLO body improve grip and insulate from cold during inflation.  EOLO III ships with Red-White-Green rings, other colors sold separately.

SILCA Ultra-Premium CO2 Cartridges are the finest available in the world.  While traditional 16 gram cartridges are only required to contain as little as 14 gm of gas, ours are guaranteed to contain 15.5-16.0gm.  

Proprietary SILCA Cartridge Helmets eliminate cartridge thread damage as well as puncture risk when the cartridges are stored in a seat-bag, toolbox or other difficult environment.  The helmets also allow the cartridges to be pre-lubricated to ensure a perfect seal during use and eliminate gas escape caused by poor-thread/cartridge interface.


Review highlight: " I’ve got regulators like I’ve got socks...The EOLO III has proven in just a few short weeks to be my new fave." Padraig

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