What's the only thing faster than a SILCA Secret Blend treated chain?  Start with a chain that's been polished in a diamond dust slurry for 72 hours, then dry impregnated with Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) before the hot wax treatment!!

Your average chain, shipped from the manufacturer will have an Rz surface roughness value of 8-12 micron (millionths of a meter). By Diamond Polishing the chain, we are able to reduce this roughness to a much more uniform 0.2-0.3 micron finish. This surface is then perfectly prepared to take on 0.4 micron WS2 particles in a dry-lubrication process which permanently impregnates the surface of the metal with WS2 particles. THEN, we apply SILCA Secret Blend in an ultrasonic hot-melt process which allows the wax to be loaded with 2x as many WS2 particles as the traditional Secret Blend.  

The result?  Up to 30% lower running friction than other prepared and waxed chains!

Please note: Due to processing time, please expect your order to ship within five business days.