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Pump Heads

For nearly 100 years, SILCA pump heads have found their way onto literally thousands if not tens of thousands of non-SILCA pumps, inflated the tires of more than 100 Tour and Giro champions, and have managed to outlast hundreds off newer designed pump heads with all sorts of cool 'features' and 'intelligence'.  Our experience has been that 'smart/intelligent' heads aren't exactly as intelligent as they might portray themselves.  I like to analogize it to that coffee fueled all-nighter you pulled in high-school to pass your history exam.  You might have looked pretty good on that particular day, but I doubt any of that stuff was still in your brain a few months later.  

The most relevant features in SILCA pumps heads are that they work, and they last.  We use high tech elastomeric seals in all of our pump heads, design each head specific to one valve type, and make everything else out of metal: NO Plastic!