Pista/SuperPista Nut/Washer Kit

What is it?

This kit contains the hardware required to support a leather gasket in pre-2008 SILCA floor pumps.

Who's it for?

If you are rebuilding your older SILCA PISTA or SUPERPISTA pump with a new leather gasket, you should consider replacing the aging nylon insert nut with this updated washer and nut kit.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs

Why We Designed It:

Reusing the original nut can lead to later loosening of the assembly as the nylon insert will take a set over time.  A new bolt kit guarantees years and years of trouble free service.



Known compatibility

  • Kit includes 5 parts
  • Locking Nut, lower washer, and back nut are universal to all PISTA and SUPERPISTA Pumps
  • 28mm diameter or pumps prior to 2008 us the thicker 24.6mm back washer
  • 30mm diameter or pumps after 2008 will use thinner 28mm back washer


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