Aero Socks

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What is it?

An Aero sock that saves 4-8w over standard socks, and performs comparably to current 2 piece ribbed lycra cuff aero socks, without any of the downsides of that type of sock.

Who's it for?

The cyclist looking for every day marginal gains while also prioritizing comfort and quality. 


S/M: 36-39      L/XL: 40-43       XXL: 44-47 

Why We Designed It:

Two years ago Josh convinced one of our ProTour teams to move every rider to aero socks for every event.  The savings from aero socks are one of those crazy things in cycling that we mostly still can't believe, but repeats in the data every time.. 8-12 watts of savings at 50kph, unbelievable. 

Little did Josh realize that he was about to be responsible for a mutiny among the riders.  Early in the spring classics, the problems began, the ribbed lycra cuffs which lead to the improved aerodynamics would fall down.. constantly.

Thus started the mission.  Can we make an aero sock, that is first and foremost a really good sock?  Josh worked with a team in Italy who is quite famous for making the finest socks in the world, and who also has some of the most modern kitting machinery in the world.  The goal was to make a knit sock that won't fall down, but has a combination of smooth and rough texture to trick the air into flowing around the lower leg more efficiently.  The result is a sock which matches the aerodynamic performance of ribbed lycra cuff socks, while retaining all of the features you demand from a cycling sock.

The technology:

Custom knitting machinery allows us to produce a sock with smooth frontal surface where the airflow is laminar, with the addition of 3 rows of turbulators starting just ahead of the flow separation zone.  These turbulators introduce small vortices in the boundary layer which energize the flow and promote flow attachment further around the leg.  More attached flow means a smaller pressure wake behind the leg, less wake = less drag.  4-8 watts drag reduction when compared to standard sock and equal to ribbed lycra socks of similar height

SILCA aero socks are knit from Q-Skin, a silver ion infused polyamide which is anti-bacterial, odor resistant, and more importantly, has better softness and moisture control than any of the yarns commonly used to knit socks.  Not only are these socks fast, they're the most comfortable sock you've ever worn.

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Susan H.
United States United States

Son in law is happy with his gift

John T.
United States United States
Aero Socks Work

I put on these socks, and they felt so much better than the other 3 brands of aero socks I own. They feel like regular socks, but better. They have a toe line. On my first ride with these socks, I did 3,000 feet of climbing and just missed personal records on 3 climbs, that I set in 2015. I think the socks are a small part of why I was faster.

todd p.
United States United States
Wonderful comfy fit….

These socks are so comfortable and not too hot in the SW Florida Summer. They have much room in the upper portion as I don’t have “gin legs”.

Randolph K.
United States United States
Stylish and aero

Comfiest socks I’ve had in a while. And the marginal gains are good too.

ed s.
United States United States
I would like another pair.

The science made sense to me so I tried a pair. I am always trying to shave watts. I didn’t realize how comfortable and soft they would be. When I put them on I pulled them up all the way and aligned the side chevrons to line up properly. After the 2 hour ride I saw them still up and still aligned. I didn’t PR my route, but close.