Engraved Titanium Shop Tools

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What is it?

An ultra-light 3D printed Titanium version of MacGuyver for the traveling ProTour mechanic.  Consisting of 3D printed Titanium Chain Whip with a TiN coated YBN Chain, Titanium Lock Ring Tool, and Titanium Machinist Dead-Blow Hammer

Who's it for?

The ultimate world travelleling pro mechanic seeking to both win ToolboxWars AND reduce weight by over 1 pound compared to the lightest existing options.  Oh, and these feel just amazing in hand while also eliciting some startling reactions from those fortunate enough to get their hands on a set!

Why We Designed It | Product Specs | Getting Started

Why We Designed It:

Titanium Chain Whip

3D printed in hardened 6/4 Ti, this chain whip weights only 80 grams including 8 links of TiN YBN 11 speed chain.  The whip handle contains spiral riffling reminiscent of Columbus SLX tubing and the whip head is fully hollow with internal gussets.  At 11 inches long, this whip is designed for well maintained bikes and is NOT compatible with cheater bars!


Ultralight Titanium Lockring Tool

3D printed in hardened 6/4 Ti, this lockring tool weighs only 45 grams.  The handle is printed with spiral rifle reinforcements inspired by Columbus SLX tubing, and the tool head has 2 spline patterns to accommodate both Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo lockrings.  While not as hard as tool steel, hardened 6/4 is harder and stronger than the steels used in many traditional cycling tools, and is 4-6 times harder and stronger than the aluminum used in high end lockrings.  Just as with it's matching chain whip, this tool is designed to be used on well maintained bikes and is NOT compatible with cheater bars


Titanium Machinist Hammer

Repeat after me, that pedal wrench is NOT a hammer!  Every pro mechanic I know carries a machinist hammer, and over the years, most of these have gone titanium to save weight in the tool case.  This hammer is 3D printed in hardened 6/4 Titanium with a hollow head that we fill with 125 grams of fine stainless steel and fine tungsten grit, giving it higher impact energy than a solid titanium head, while also eliminating any recoil.  The hammer head is hard titanium on one side and medium hard rubber on the other for use on delicate surfaces.  




  • 80g Chain Whip
  • 45g Lockring Tool
  • 160g Hammer
  • 11s Chain
  • Shimano/SRAM Compatible
  • Campagnolo Compatible
  • 3D printed 6Al/4V Titanium
  • Not Cheater Bar Compatible 
  • Titanium Hammer Side
  • Hard Rubber Side
  • 125g of fine stainless steel and fine tungsten grit
  • SILCA Shield Warranty


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