Maximize, Minimize, Optimize
There are many things you can do to increase the performance of both your equipment and yourself but anything and everything you do will fall into one of these categories. Common examples- we strive to maximize power transfer for more speed and efficiency; we optimize our position on the bike as well as our tire pressure for more power, handling, and comfort; and we minimize weight and aerodynamic drag to improve our performance. But have you applied this level of thinking to the individual systems of your bike?

Let's look at your wheels. Is your setup as aerodynamic as it could be? Is it optimized for quick and effective service? Have you minimized weight and rolling resistance? Josh spent the better part of fifteen years asking questions like these prior to becoming President of SILCA and that continues today across a variety of areas. Check out the interactive wheel below to see what we can do to help maximize, minimize and optimize your carbon wheel investment.

Performance Gains Await
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