Compare SILCA Bags
We offer a range of jersey pocket storage options and each is designed to meet the needs of a specific style of riding. Which one is right for you? The information below highlights some of the key differences between the EOLO Wallet, Phone Wallet and Borsa Americano.
EOLO Wallet
Intended Use Case: Designed  to be a seat bag for the rider who doesn't like seat bags. It will hold items like a spare inner-tube, CO2 cartridges, tire levers, a multi-tool, and money

Perfect for the rider who: doesn't like to ride with a seat roll or bag
•Dimensions: 16.5cm L x 10cm W x 5cm T (Empty)
• Weight: 111g
• Weather Resistant: Yes
• Zipper: Weather-proof YKK
• Material: Duck-waxed canvas
    Phone Wallet
Intended Use Case: The Phone Wallet was designed primarily to provide you with a water-proof compartment for your phone. The wallet will also hold money and smaller items such as keys. 

Perfect for the rider who: rides in any weather and stores tools in a seat roll
Dimensions: 17.5cm L x 11cm W x 2.5cm T (Empty)
• Weight: 144g
• Weather Resistant: Yes with waterproof phone bag
• Zipper: Weather-proof YKK
• Material: Duck-waxed canvas
 Borsa Americano
Intended Use Case: This bag was designed to give the user more freedom to choose what they carry in it. Four internal pockets of various sizes will fit a variety of things deemed essential by the user.

Perfect for the rider who: does a lot of local and casual riding
Dimensions: 17.5cm L x 9cm W x 2cm T (Empty)
• Weight: 60
• Weather Resistant: yes the outter shell is
• Zipper: Zinc zipper
• Material: Recycled bicycle inner-tubes and wetsuit neoprene