SILCA/Ecologic Designs Collaboration
As a brand, we don't put our name to something until we're sure it meets our standards for quality, durability, craftsmanship and performance. As individuals, living these ideals day in/day out undoubtedly influences our shopping habits so it's not a surprise that we started seeing stuff from Ecologic Designs begin to show up around the office. Founded in 2005, the Colorado-based designer makes high-end bags using recycled materials and all manufacturing is done in the USA. On top of that, a good portion of their products are constructed using upcycled bicycle innertubes. How could an inflation company not like that?

Turns out that we all wanted to get our hands on some stuff so we called Ecologic Designs to talk about doing a limited run of SILCA specific items and they turned out great! For this collaboration, we worked with Ecologic to create a SILCA branded version of their popular Brooklyn backpack. Our internal designers also designed an every-ride essentials bag and worked with Ecologic to create the Borsa Americano. You can learn more about these limited edition items below.