Both of our presta chucks are adjustable so that you can better fit your personal valve.  Both chucks are adjusted by rotating the top cap of the chuck.  Turning the cap clockwise will tighten the gasket, and turning the cap counter-clockwise will loosen the gasket.

Yes, the end of the Ultimate hose is a thread-on Schrader connection.  Simply un-thread the presta chuck to inflate Schrader valves. 

Conditioning SILCA leather washer

Both of our Presta chucks have a standard Schrader threading connection on the hose-end of the chucks.  This gives both chucks the ability to thread directly into the Thread-On Schrader Chuck.  The opposite end of the Thread-On Schrader Chuck is a hose barb, which means it can be used as an adapter between our Presta chucks and any standard sized hose (1/4 inch) you have.

The rebuild kit you need will depend on which chuck you have, the 242 and 323 rebuild kits correspond with the 242 and 323 gaskets.  In each of these products pages on our website there are images of the compatible chucks to each gasket, you can cross reference between the images and your chuck to determine which gasket, and therefore which rebuild kit you need.

Yes, the Pista/ SuperPista Nut/Washer Kit is an all metal kit that can replace all the hardware securing the leather washer to the piston rod. Available Here 


We suggest having 10-15 mm of accessible length on the valve to ensure proper inflate, take into account that the Speed Shield will take up an additional 5-7 mm of the valve at the rim. 

If the inside measurement of the rim well (where the tape will lay) is 21 mm or under use the 21 mm rim tape.  If the inside measurement of the rim well is over 21 mm then use the 25 mm rim tape.  The Nickel Trick: If you can slide a nickel into your rim well without touching the side walls, use the 25 mm tape.  If the nickel does not fit inside the rim well use the 21 mm rim tape.

If your measurement is right on the line between sizes, we suggest that you go with the larger size.  For example, if your measurement is 50 cm, in between a medium and large, we would suggest you get the size large. Keep in mind that the minimum measurements are the most the pumps will compress so for this example the large pump will not fix a frame with an inside measurement of anything less than 50 cm.


If your country is not currently a shipping option please check the dealer locator, we may have a distributor in your area.  If not, be contact us

The prices for shipping vary greatly upon individual order and destination.  As a small company we do our best to work with both UPS and USPS to get you the best shipping rate possible.

No, the receiver of the package is responsible for paying duties and/or tariffs imposed by the importing country. 

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