SILCA: Passion. Precision. Performance

A Sincere Commitment to Innovation and Craftsmanship Since 1917

For 96 years you have recognized Silca as the creators of the very finest pumps and tools known to the world of cycling.  We are now thrilled to re-introduce SILCA to you, from our new home in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.  Over the next few months we will present new products which will be timeless, beautiful, functional, and ultimately durable.  At the same time, offering groundbreaking data and information to this site in the manner that only SILCA can do.  Our manufacturing, materials and technologies as well as our brand philosophy and values will be transparent, allowing you to understand and trust that what you are investing in is a company, not just a product.  Since purchasing this company I have been moved to hear hundreds of stories involving SILCA pumps.  You have shared beautiful photographs of your trusted SILCA pumps, and I have been amazed at the level of attachment we all feel for these products (I really thought it might just be me…).  

We would love to see more of your old SILCA pumps and hear your stories.  To get started, I've posted 3 images above given to me by Rob Cobcroft, editor of Velo Aficionado in Australia.  You can check out his amazing photographs of vintage SILCA pumps on his site here.

We have also added some beautiful images to the SILCA Pinterest site, where we encourage everybody upload your own SILCA images and stories.

While you're here, enjoy reading about our new technologies for disc wheel inflation, our updated Presta chuck technology, and our entirely new and updated range of spare and replacement parts for your SILCA pumps.