Gear for 2018

Ask the SILCA Team
We recently sat down with some SILCA employees to ask them about the riding they'll be doing in 2018 and the gear of ours they'll use most.

Here's what they had to say...
Pista Floor Pump
"I'll be doing quite a few local and regional races over the summer and will also be spending a lot of hours out at the track. No question that my Pista pump will see a lot of action. I keep it in the back of my car so it goes everywhere with me. The travel bag also makes it really convenient to carry to and from the events and it's perfect carrying a few bottles, tools and nutrition products. If you're a weekend warrior, this pump will make a great addition to your race gear."

John Balmer, Director of Product Management
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Borsa Americano
"I'll be getting a lot of use out of the Borsa Americano this year. It's perfect for training rides and those group rides to the coffee shop and back where you're likely to want to take a range of items with you. It's a great way to organize and it prevents your jersey pockets from becoming bulky."

- Andrew Truemper, Design Engineer
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Italian Army Knife
"A good multi-tool. There's an Italian Army Knife in the seat roll on every bike I own. I somewhat frustratingly notice even the slightest noise or vibration on the bike so find myself using this tool to make those minor adjustments that can make a great ride perfect. If you notice those little details as well, this tool is for you."

-Josh Poertner, President
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TATTICO Bluetooth
"I'll be doing a lot of gravel races/rides in 2018 and you can bet I'll have TATTICO Bluetooth on my bike for Dirty Kanza this year. When the inevitable happens, I start inflating with CO2 then switch to the TATTICO to fine-tune to the exact pressure I was running before the flat. It's a game changer for gravel riders."

-Joel Blair, Sales & Customer Service
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