SILCA pumps, tools and accessories out perform and outlast; giving you the best return on your investment

High Quality Products + Warranty

We have confidence in our products. We know that each are manufactured with the highest level of quality components to ensure that heirloom legacy. Plus, we offer a warranty that surpasses all industry expectations, because we know you may never need it, but if you do...we've got your back.
Our Warranty

Have you heard of SILCA?

The company's ancestry may have begun over a century ago in Italy; but our connection to that start has never wavered. Our commitment to the Sacchi family name is reflected by each product we offer.

While SILCA began by revolutionizing the floor pump for competitive cycling, we have combined that flare for heirloom quality with modern technology. Many would say it's flassic or forward-thinking and classic. We say were are SILCA...yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Our Story

Marginal Gains Connection

Collaborating on a podcast to bring together the history of cycling, technology, culture, and the love for the sport led to a very tuned in podcast. When it began, we knew there were stories to tell of successes and failures. We all learn from these moments and we certainly have more to tell and explore together.
Our Legacy

SILCA x Partnerships

What Others Are Saying....


Sharing your story and becoming a part of our story

This is your chance to be part of the SILCA community and share the heirloom pump sitting in your garage from the 80s. Take us on your next ride, race, or insight into the technically complex cycling discipline. Tell us how we can improve and make that journey even better.

When you share it, share it using #mySILCAstory.
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