Tire Inflation Accuracy + Optimization

The road, the path, the track...tires all need inflation
The Secret is Out... Optimal Tire Pressure Makes You Faster
Why do pumps fail and how do I guarantee success?
Why is tire pressure important on rough roads?
Feeling all the bumps with higher tire pressure?

Proper inflation provides the foundation to your connection to the surface you ride and contributes to greater efficiency

The Pista Plus Floor Pump Quality

We say, “It’s the last pump you will ever own!” At the core of any SILCA pump is a brand heritage of the finest materials with a focus on durability, longevity and beauty. Each pump is hand-assembled, tested, packaged, and distributed from Indianapolis, IN. These heirloom quality pumps are backed by cycling’s best warranty to provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Here's why others love a SILCA heirloom-quality pump...

What is hysteresis and why is it so important?

We have collected and studied how rolling resistance contributes to rider performance, and not just the tire. Hysteresis helps to identify the exchange of energy through each contact made whether it's the rider and bicycle or bicycle with the road. We explore which aspects have greater impact on the outcome of the race versus those that are secondary.
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What is the correct tire pressure?

Obvious variables will feed into finding the optimal tire pressure for a specific race course. We've done all the research using pro athlete data. We invite you to plug your information using the SILCA Tire Pressure Calculator and learn more about your optimal tire pressure options.
Tire Pressure Calculator 1.0

Why is heirloom-quality important?

Optimal tire pressure can be key to going faster, reducing injury risk and protecting your investment. Not all air pumps are created equal and here are tips on how to pick a pump for life. With sustainability and eco-friendly products, just how much plastic is in your pump and what does that look like over one's cycling years?
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Tire Pressure Calculator (Beta)

You are invited to use this original version of the TPC (B); however, if you want to dive deeper into additional features, please sign up for the Tire Pressure Calculator 1.0.
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