Pre Gran Fondo Checklist

Your Pre-Gran Fondo Checklist
The big ride is finally almost here! Chances are, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into preparing for this event so the last thing we want is for you to forget something. Go through your final preparations with this pre-ride checklist.
Day Before the Ride:
• Check your bike to ensure that the brakes work and all bolts and screws are tightened to the recommended torque
• Inflate your tires to the desired psi making sure you’re between the maximum and minimum pressure recommended by the manufacturer. You can find these numbers on the sidewall of the tire
• Check your tires for excessive wear or any debris like glass or gravel that might be lodged in the rubber. Carefully remove any debris that you find
• Lube your chain and drive train (wipe excess lube away)
• Make sure that your saddle bag or seat roll has a multi-tool, tire levers, a spare tube & CO2 + inflator (A frame pump or mini-pump can replace the CO2 + inflator)
• Set your helmet on or near your bike so you don’t forget it (you wont be able to ride without it)
• Put your floor pump in your car
• Put a change of clothes in your car
• Add the SAG support number on your cell phone (this will be in your event packet)
• Check the weather forecast and plan to dress accordingly
• If you have a bike computer, make sure it’s fully charged
• Lay out your clothing
o Cycling or athletic shoes
o Cycling Socks
o Cycling bibs or shorts
o Cycling jersey (most have 3 deep pockets on the back that will be useful)
o Gloves
o Sunglasses
o Rain jacket (if needed)
• Make sure you are hydrating throughout the day and eat a good meal with plenty of carbs
Morning of the Ride:
• Start the day with a balanced breakfast and hydrate
• Plan to get to the event early so you have plenty of time to check-in and prepare for the ride
• Check-in to the event and listen for any announcements leading up to the start of the ride
• Give your bike one last inspection to make sure everything is working properly
• Check your tire pressures once more
• Fill your water bottles and put them in your bottle cages
• Apply sunscreen and put some in your jersey pocket if fair-skinned
• Make sure your helmet is on and that you’re dressed properly for the weather conditions
• In your jersey pocket, put the cue sheet, ID, some money, keys and your phone in a plastic bag to keep them dry
• Pack some energy bars or gels in your jersey pocket so you have food if you get hungry before a rest stop
• If you have a bike computer, make sure it’s turned on and ready to record your data
Remember, this should be fun so don’t stress. The ride is fully supported and each rest stop will have food, beverages and cue sheets. Plus, there will be first aid; mechanical support and we will be monitoring riders throughout the event.