SuperPista Support Page

SuperPista Gauge Support
Thank you for your time and we apologize about the issue with your SuperPista. On this page, we'll help you determine if your SuperPista is affected, give you more information about the gauge issue, provide you with an interim solution that makes the product safe to use until your replacement gauge arrives, and confirm your latest contact and shipping information so that we can be sure to send your replacement gauge to the correct address. Please follow the four steps below.

How Do I know If My SuperPista is Affected?
The process is simple. Turn your SuperPista upside down so you're looking at the bottom of the base. On the baseplate, you will see four screws. If any one of the four screws is a vent screw, meaning it has a hole in the center, then you are not affected by this issue and can continue using your pump as normal. If the screws in the baseplate are all identical then your SuperPista is affected and you should proceed to follow the three steps outlined below.
Old Baseplate
Please proceed to steps 1-3 below
New Baseplate
No further action required
Step 1. Watch the video
This video will walk you through the interim solution which is to remove the gauge lens of your SuperPista. Once this lens is removed, your pump is safe to continue using as normal until your replacement gauge arrives.
2. Confirm Your Contact and Shipping Information
Please provide your most up to date contact and shipping information so that we can send you your replacement gauge. Replacement gauges are currently in production and will begin shipping the week of January 20th. Remember to hit 'Submit' so that we receive your information.
Step 3. Download the Service Bulletin