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FREEDOM! T-Shirt by BicycleCrumbs

What does FREEDOM! Mean to you?  This is the philosophical question posed by the FREEDOM T-Shirt by BicycleCrumbs.  Last year was a landmark year for SILCA.  We strive to create what Bicycling Magazine has referred to as 'Functional Art' and last year saw the beginning of others creating works of art on our products, a sort of Art, on Functional Art.  Then BicycleCrumbs completely blew our minds one day by creating a Work of Art based on one of our products, a sort of Real Art based on Functional Art.  We were humbled to say the least, and before we knew it, we had 3 works of art based on SILCA products and a Product of the Year award from the BicycleCrumbs Blog!

Inspired by this, we sought out and commissioned BicycleCrumbs to do a t-shirt.  Here, his love of cycling history, cycling art and vintage poster art collided in the FREEDOM T-Shirt with the Fist of Freedom holding our own Pocket Impero!  

Each shirt is hand screen printed right here in Indiana in a 7 step process using hand-made silk-screens.  Shirts are slate grey American Apparel pre-enzyme-washed 100% cotton shirt, hand-sewn in Los Angeles.   We get it, these shirts are not cheap, but at the same time, they are as soft as a box of kittens and wear like any SILCA product, a little more up front means you benefit for many, many years to come.

Now the real question is: What does FREEDOM! mean to you?  Freedom from cars?  Freedom to explore?  Freedom to be on the open road?  Freedom from flats?  Freedom from CO2?  Freedom to escape the everyday?  Freedom from the gas pump?  


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