Hirobel Frame Clamp (media photo sample)

We have 3 Media Sample Hirobel Clamps used during the product launch and for demo.  These have missing or damaged packaging and have been used for display or photo purposes and are nearly new condition.


What is it: Hirobel is a specially designed clamp for bicycle repair stands which makes it easier to work on your bike. It better distributes stresses and loads through the bicycle frame, offering superior stability while eliminating possible crushing or damage to thin-walled and shaped tubing.

Who it’s for: Anyone currently using a clamp-based bicycle repair stand will benefit from Hirobel. This includes those seeking improved weight distribution and stability when working on exotic-shaped, oversized, heavy, or non-standard geometry bicycles such as carbon, enduro/downhill, tandem, kid and e-bikes.



Why we designed it

Getting Started

The Hirobel Frame Clamp is ready to use when removed from the package. If you would like to learn more about features, functions and maintenance of the Hirobel Frame Clamp, please visit the SILCA resource center. 


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