Locking Schrader Chuck

What is it?

Lever-locking design quickly attaches and forms a tight seal on all Schrader valves.

Who's it for?

The cyclist who is looking to quickly fill any Schrader connection on their mountain, BMX, cruiser bike, or even their car.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs | Getting Started

Why We Designed It:

Per Josh: I first saw this type of chuck while traveling in Vietnam a few years ago.  Throughout Vietnam you find tire repair stations along the roadside, and I was continually amazed to see them use large tire irons to manually install truck and car tires, often having 2 or 3 people stand on the tire sidewall while another person used the lever to pull those last few inches of bead over the rim.  Then I watched as they attached the locking Schrader chuck onto the valve, placed the entire wheel around the corner of the building, and inflated it from the other side of the wall!  When I inquired about the chuck with the shop owner he told me 'Expensive, but worth it!' as it allowed his employees to inflate truck tires to very high pressures from a safe distance. I wanted to bring that same simplicity to the market. 



  • Environmentally friendly electroless nickel plated brass and stainless steel construction
  • Fits all 1/4 and 6mm pneumatic hose
  • Connects much faster than thread on type chucks and disconnects instantly with no air loss from valve

Getting Started: 

  • Lever locking design holds tight on all Schrader valves; simply depress lever, slide onto valve and release lever.
  • For optimal sealing, chuck may be tightened down onto valve further by rotating clockwise.


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