Pocket Impero (Demo/NoPackage)

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'A Mini Pump so Sweet, you'll almost be happy to flat!' - Bicycling Magazine

Ever since its first use, the phrase 'Mini-Pump' has been a sore spot for cyclists.  As one cycling journalist pointed out when we first discussed this project, 'Mini-pumps are synonymous with 'small, frustrating and useless!'  We sought to end this unfortunate cycling tradition with the creation of the Pocket Impero.  Call it mini if you may, but we prefer to think of it as an Impero Frame Pump sized to fit your pocket.  Using the same ergonomically perfect full CNC Aluminum head , brass check valve, and steam formed 3mm thick Leather gasket from as the Impero; the Pocket Impero changes the game as the first full metal, fully functional Pocket Pump.

However, it was not enough to just shrink the Impero; the Pocket Impero adds some impressive technology of its own.  The unique Slide-Lock Silicone Insulating sleeve both improves grip while protecting hands from the heat of pumping to high pressures (another issue for 'mini' pumps) and when finished, slides back into place to double as a handle lock when in your pocket.  Mirror honed internals allow for the highest pumping efficiency and lowest stroke count of any pocket (mini) pump.  The result:  We have you back up and running in fewer strokes, with less headache than any other...Just be sure that once you amaze your riding partners by fixing that 5th flat of the day in record time to remind them that it's NOT a 'Mini-pump'.
Notes:  Pocket Impero is between a high pressure and high volume pump.  Mostly, it is an efficient pump which does not suffer from efficiency loss when hot, which is why most of them don't work so well.  At 200 strokes the Pocket Impero reaches higher pressures than any other pocketable pump ever tested in the BikeRadar test protocol, meaning that it is pushing more air with fewer losses than pumps of either high pressure, or high volume designs.


Construction: Full Metal with Leather Plunger and Silicone Insulating Sleeve
Length: 8 in (20.3cm)
Weight: 5.3 oz (150gm)
Pressure at 200 strokes (BikeRadar protocol): 89psi
Warranty: Silca Shield, 25 year hard parts warranty
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