SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube

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PLEASE NOTE: We have updated our recommendations for the drying time of SuperSecret Chain Lube to guarantee optimal performance!!  Please see Graph and Note Below!!

What is it?
SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube brings all of the super speed and silent running of a hot-melt wax-dipped chain to a drip applied wax (all of the benefits, none of the hassle!).  Secret Chain lube also utilizes the world's fastest, most lubricious additive, nano-scale Tungsten Di-Sulfide. NanoPlatelet WS2 has less than 1/3 the dynamic coefficient of friction of PTFE and 1/4 that of Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)

Who's it for?
The cyclist looking to maximize performance through friction reduction, or the cyclist who loves a silent running bicycle.

 Be sure to check out our favorite MicroFiber towel HERE a quick wipe after each ride will ensure clean and quiet operation for hundreds of miles!

Why We Designed It:

SILCA Super Secret Chain lube started out as a project to develop the fastest Hot-Melt wax lubricant available more than a year ago.  Josh has been recommending Hot Melt Wax and helping Pro cyclists and triathletes wax chains for years and wanted to bring his lubricant formula to our customers, the challenge was how to consistently melt, dip and agitate the chain across different crockpot designs and temperatures.  The project took a fascinating turn from the world of IndyCar when josh was introduced to a group that had developed a technology to put micro-scale wax powders into a solution that was quick drying and forms a coating that is indiscernible from hot melt dipping. The combination of air-drying liquid wax and Tungsten Disulfide would quickly prove to beat all currently available hot melt waxes in friction testing while being much faster and easier to apply.


The Environment:

Best of all perhaps is that this formula would prove to be very environmentally friendly, utilizing 4 different types of wax, nanoplatelets of WS2 (Tungsten Disulfide), and mild alcohol to act as a carrier.  This same alcohol is used in the SILCA Gear Wipes, making them a perfect product to clean and remove Secret Chain Lube.



  • 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles with the precision applicator tip for dripping on your chain or 16 oz. jar with 12 oz. lube (leaving room for your chain) for dipping the chain
  • The chain should be VERY clean and dry before applying, see video below
  • Apply according to video and let dry for AT LEAST 12 hours for optimal results, 24 hours if applied in cool or humid weather conditions!  We recommend applying the lube AFTER your ride so it's ready for next time!  See Chart Below for more Info
  • NOTE: Over time the WS2 will begin to settle to the bottom of the bottle, shake well before using!
  • Limited Warranty



What temperature can I apply Super Secret Chain Coating? 41 - 95 °F / 5-35 °C

What temperature is the best for storing the Super Secret Chain Coating? 41 - 86 °F / 5-30 °C

Please note: Field tests have determined that prolonged exposure to below-freezing temperatures, can cause viscosity breakdown to the Super Secret Chain Coating. The coating will become quite thick. It is OK to apply to the chain as the functionality is still viable. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to clear the cap with a needle.


Application Video:


FIRST: CLEAN your Chain
Method 1:  On-bike cleaning
1. Use a degreaser and brush and begin working the degreaser into the chain links
Here is a link to the degreaser we recommend.
2. We recommend 6-8 revolutions of the chain, scrubbing all sides of the chain with  the brush to work the degreaser into the links and rollers
3. Hose the chain directly just in front of the rear derailleur pulley.  DO NOT DIRECT PRESSURE onto cassette, hub/axle or BB areas
4. With clean brush and strong dish soap/water mixture (we like ~1 tablespoon Dawn in ~2 cups water) work through the chain again, scrubbing all sides and trying to drive out any remaining dirt as well as any trapped solvent
5. Direct spray rinse the chain again
6. Dry chain with towel/paper towels and allow to air dry in sun for at least 30 minutes OR (preferred) Direct Blow with high-pressure air to drive out remaining liquids and particulates


1. Be sure to have chainline relatively straight (53/15 or so)
2. Shake bottle well and open tip halfway
3. Begin applying drip lube to the top of rollers while pedaling backward.  Be sure to apply at least 1 drop per roller and no more than 2 drops per roller while continuing to backpedal.
4. Use fingers on top-bottom of chain to work the lube into rollers while backpedaling at least 3-4 revolutions.
5. Pedal forward shifting all the way to top of the cassette, pedal for at least 3-4 revolutions.  The extreme chain angle opens gaps between plates to allow the lube to better work into the chain.  Continue pedaling, shifting through all gears on the rear cassette at least once.
6. Stop pedaling and allow Secret Chain Lube to dry for minimum of 12 hours, test results show that lube is fully hardened in 24 hours.  ZeroFrictionCycling found SSCL to be the best dry lube EVER Tested after 8 hours of drying, but would be EVEN BETTER after 24 hours!! 
7. SILCA Gear Wipes may be used to remove any excess lube from chainrings if you desire a cleaner look.

Note: Temperature and Humidity will affect the drying time of SSCL, and the dryer it is when you ride it, the longer it will last.  Drying time will also be affected by temperature, lube will dry faster in warmer temperatures and at lower humidity, and lube will take longer to dry in cold or more humid conditions.  We recommend 24 hours as the optimal drying time.

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    David G.
    United States United States
    Excellent Lube

    This wax based lube runs clean, smooth and is very durable. In fact, I believe the drivetrain is as smooth, if not smoother with less friction, than some of the other, higher priced lubes. Plus the company has outstanding customer support. I highly recommend.

    Jody D.
    Singapore Singapore
    Super Secret

    Smooth and easy to use. Really quiet.

    Ernesto B.
    United States United States
    Awesome Product

    Although a lot of work to prep/clean the chain before application, it is worth it. Love the clean drivetrain and longevity of the product once applied. I use it on my indoor trainer where I tend to ride a lot of miles and it's perfect.

    Corrado S.
    Italy Italy
    A perfect lubrificant wax

    SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube. I use from other 1 months and i have reorder w/ the big container. After a deep clean and dry my chain and the sprocket, i have use 1 drop ever single pin of my chain. Use after 18/24 hours, is absolutely perfect: no noise, less friction and preserve of other components of trasmission ! Generally i ride 4000/5000 KM w/ Shimano Dura Ace chain, after use this SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube, i change after 8500 Km ! Very impressive the preserve of components ! Very important: 1) deep clean sprocket and chain before, dry and dry it 2) after apllication, need min 18 hours, best 24 hours. On the Silca website, is clear yhe notes for use, but all very simple. So, is for ever ;O) Staff very gentle from begin of shop to completely shipped. Chapeau ! Corrado (Italy)

    Keith P.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Free watts

    Love this stuff, cheers Josh

    SILCA SILCA Super Secret Chain Lube Review