Wisecracker for 1 1/8" Steerer Tube | SILCA

Wisecracker for 1 1/8" Steerer Tube

It's a headset spacer...it's a bottle opener...it's both!

For the cyclist who has everything except a cold beer in hand after the ride, the SILCA Wisecracker Headset Spacer/Bottle opener solves the age old problem of cracking open that post ride beer as soon as possible.

Crafted from 7075 Aluminum and Ceramic Coated in the same Tungsten finish as the SuperPista Ultimate Gauge plate, the SILCA Wisecracker looks every bit as stylish as it is functional.  100% made in USA by the fine folks at Wisecracker, each one is guaranteed to bring miles of smiles to your post-ride routine.


  • Replaces 5mm Headset Spacer 
  • 1 1/8" Steerer Only
  • 7075 Aluminum 
  • Tungsten Ceramic coating



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