What is it?

SpeedBalance is the world's first aerodynamic tunable balancing system and wheel magnet for high performance cycling.

Who's it for?

The uncompromising cyclist looking for the ultimate marginal gains by reducing high-speed wheel oscillations.

Why We Designed It | Product Specs | Getting Started

Why We Designed It:

Wheel Balance. As carbon rims have become deeper, the longer valve stems have created a growing imbalance problem for the wheel. The rims themselves are already 2-8 grams heavier at the valve as the area has to be heavily reinforced with carbon to prevent collapse of the hole.  Then the inner tube overlap/seam are at the valve, (in tubulars, the base tape also overlaps here), the valve stem has a 2 ply rubber reinforcement at the valve, and finally the metal valve stem which is all heavier than the carbon fiber in the rest of the wheel.  In total, a 60mm deep wheel typically has 10-16 grams of imbalance at the valve which is barely noticeable to the rider, but an 82mm deep rim requires an additional 20-25mm of valve extender adding another 3-4 grams. 



  • 2x SpeedBalance each pod containing 1 magnet and 4 Tungsten slugs
  • 2x SpeedShield

Getting Started:

Upgrading 2 Wheels with SpeedBalance and SpeedShield will save just over 1 Watt at 30mph, slightly more savings than upgrading that same wheelset to Ceramic Bearings


SpeedBalance is ready to use when removed from the package. If you would like to learn more about features, functions and maintenance of the SpeedBalance, please visit the SILCA resource center. 


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