SuperPista - Media Photo Sample

NOTE:  Media Photo Samples.  These pumps come from GQ, National Geographic, Bicycling, GearPatrol, Outside Magazine and more.  All pumps have been removed from original packages, if they were used, we have replaced the chuck gaskets with new ones.  Some of the pumps may have adhesive residue or clay on the bases used to hold them in place for photos.  All pumps under full lifetime warranty.

During the Giro d'Italia in 1989 SILCA introduced the SuperPista, effectively changing the definition of what a floor pump could and should be.  The large wooden handle, and 50mm longer barrel could inflate tires faster with less effort, while the all metal construction carried on the SILCA ideals of lifetime rebuild-ability and durability.  These original SuperPista's are true classics, revered by their owners worldwide and sought by collectors.

The SuperPista changed the game because it was a proper tool more than a cycling accessory: full metal construction, infinitely rebuildable and ergonomically optimized for use rather than production considerations.  Now, in this modern world of ever more disposable pumps full of plastic internals, we sought to bring the many of the features and function of the Ultimate Pump to more affordable price point for the home mechanic.

27 Years later, the modern SuperPista carries on the ideals of the original, while adding a significant dose of technology and additional features sure to again change perceptions about what a floor pump can and should do.  The new larger, more ergonomic wood handle, 12x larger base area for ultimate stability, and 2.5x larger / 50% higher precision gauge than the original again changes the standard.  The NEW SuperPista once again sets the bar and is guaranteed to become a modern classic.

  • Full Aluminum construction with full aluminum internals and brass check valve (NO plastic)
  • 75mm (3 inch) Gauge Face with ultra-high contrast printing for improved readability
  • 2% Accuracy gauge (compare to 5% industry standard) for more accurate pressures
  • 5 Axis Machined Kiln Dried Beech Wood Handle for perfect ergonomics
  • Shoe Friendly base with special elastomer feet safe for all floor surfaces
  • Full aluminum Suspension Fork Piston with IGUS Glide Rings
  • 3.5mm Thick Full-Grain leather gasket. Produced by the same vendor since 1946!
  • Thread on 7075-T6 Schrader Chuck
  • Push on-push off Presta Chuck with SILCA's famous 242 Gasket
  • Presta Chuck Pressure Relief Valve
  • SILCA Lifetime Warranty


 In 1950, SILCA changed the world's definition of a bicycle floor pump with the Pista.  This now classic design blended a small rectangular steel base with a 28mm diameter steel barrel and a Celluloid handle to create what would become an icon.  The first bicycle pump that could surpass 200psi and was small enough to fit in a duffel bag, the Pista would own over half of the global market by the 1970's.  By the mid 1990's, however, SILCA was under pressure by competitors from France and Germany as well as the US and decided to introduce a new, larger model capable of inflating tires with fewer strokes.  The SuperPista, introduced in 1989 was a combination of improved technology using a 2" gauge compared to the previous 1.5" while also replacing the then plastic handle with a large lathe turned wooden one.  The SuperPista was an instant success, inflating tires in fewer strokes, they quickly became the standard of the pro peloton and in due time would be found in almost every bike shop in Europe and the USA.  

By the late 1990's SILCA found itself facing price pressure from foreign competitors and with the move from the Lira to the Euro, saw sudden inflation in Italy which resulted in dramatic price increases of raw components for the pumps, followed by strengthening of the Euro in the early 2000's which made export prices from Italy rise even further.  Suddenly the same SILCA SuperPista cost over 50% more than it did a few years prior.  In the midst of facing these challenges, the owner of the company, Claudio Sacchi, developed terminal cancer and the company fell into decline over a 3 year period as he battled the disease.  In 2013, former Zipp Technical Director, Joshua Poertner, purchased the SILCA brand and re-started the company in Indianapolis.  However, no new SuperPista's had been produced in years, no tooling was left in existence, and the rebirth of this icon had to begin from scratch.

In late 2014, SILCA introduced the now iconic, USA made SuperPista Ultimate.  This $450 work of Functional Art completely changed the thinking about what a pump could be, re-characterizing the pump as a proper tool with a focus on precision, durability, rebuild-ability and pleasure of use.  Numerous industry awards and design awards later, the team behind the Ultimate, set out to re-define the SuperPista.  Taking over 18 months to complete all of the design and tooling required to achieve the desired durability and precision at the $235 price point, SuperPista is a testament to both the classic values and designs of SILCA as well as to 3D CAD, casting, forging and CNC machining.  

Each SuperPista is hand assembled from more than 40 high precision components sourced from the USA, Taiwan, Italy and Germany.  We can't wait for you to experience the superior functionality of the new SuperPista as we are confident that you will find it to be simply beyond anything you have previously experienced.  

We are so proud of, and confident in our SuperPista that we have assigned it to the SILCA Lifetime Warranty:

SILCA Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the buyer of the SuperPista for life against manufacturing and material defects.  In addition, SILCA guarantees the function of all metal parts in the pump for 7 years against fatigue, stress and other failures related to use of the product even in pro-team, bike shop or similar high-use environments (all of these conditions void traditional Lifetime Warranties).  SILCA guarantees wear parts, considered to be any elastomer seal, leather seal for 2 years.  Just like brake pads, when these parts experience wear and tear as part of performing their basic function, however, extreme use such as pro-team and bike shop use will wear them out faster than daily or home use, and just like brake pads, these parts can be easily replaced when worn out.  For home use, projected life of 242 gaskets is 7-12 years and leather gaskets is 12-15 years.

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