SuperPista Ultimate - Artist Edition - Ciavete 13 | SILCA

SuperPista Ultimate - Artist Edition - Ciavete 13

Ciavete 13 combines a striking black on white theme with the micro-stroke technique that Dario is so famous for.  What appears as mostly Black and White with a few color pops at a distance reveals itself to contains hundreds, if not thousands of micro-strokes of bold color up close, combined with the selective painting of the small panels produced by the black grid of large strokes.  Our favorite details in this pump are the subtle metallic panels hidden throughout the design.  It takes a few minutes of really looking at the pump in natural light to appreciate the subtlety and details hidden throughout.

We have mated this tube with a red/stainless hose with canary yellow rings.  The pump is signed and dated by Dario.

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