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SuperPista Ultimate - Artist Edition - Ciavete 16

Ciavete 16 is one of only two Ciavete on Blue pumps we have ever seen.  This cyan blue is a paint of Dario's own creation, with amazing depth and color range as it uses a mixture of pigments to achieve the blue color.  Ciavete 16 utilizes nearly every technique we know of from Dario, large brush strokes, micro-strokes, sponging, blowing and more.  This pump has the colors built in layers and then revealed in areas by blowing or sponging, which is then outlines in many ares with micro-strokes in white, black and red.  If you are after a piece of Pegoretti art that screams at you from across the room..this is the one, it really cannot be ignored or missed!

We have mated this tube with a red/stainless hose with matching cyan blue rings.  The pump is signed and dated by Dario.

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