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SuperPista Ultimate - Artist Edition - Ciavete 17

Ciavete 17 is one of only two Ciavete on Blue pumps we have ever seen.  This cyan blue is a paint of Dario's own creation, with amazing depth and color range as it uses a mixture of pigments to achieve the blue color.  Ciavete 17 utilizes nearly every technique we know of from Dario, large brush strokes, micro-strokes, sponging, blowing and more.  This pump has the colors built in layers and then revealed in areas by blowing or sponging, which is then outlines in many ares with micro-strokes in white, black and red.  Unlike Ciavete 16, number 17 contains less bold color and more micro-strokes.  this pump also displays some beautiful sponging of pigment based paints in layers to form the red and orange areas..up close the detail and care involved in the process are really striking!

We have mated this tube with a red/stainless hose with matching cyan blue rings.  The pump is signed and dated by Dario.

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