Engineering sample:  All Engineering samples have been tested to the full range of their ability, passed all Engineering tests and are 100% functional.

Our Award winning Titanium Torque Tube is available as a stand alone part for a limited time.  All of these Torque Tubes were from our original production run and have been tested and approved for individual sale by our Engineering team.  

The Torque Tube utilizes the universal 1/4" hex broach and will fit in any 1/4" hex wrench. The driver end of the Torque tube works with any standard 1/4" bit.  

The stand alone Torque Tube is a perfect edition to any wrench set to give you proper torque measuring from 2-8Nm.

The stand alone Torque tube come packaged in a poly bag so all instructions can be found on the original full T-ratchet + Ti-Torque page below:





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