A Sincere Commitment to Innovation and Craftsmanship Since 1917

For 96 years you have recognized Silca as the creators of the very finest pumps and tools known to the world of cycling.  Today we celebrate a very successful first year in our new home in Indianapolis with the launch of a new website and an exciting new product, the SuperPista Ultimate LP.  LP stands for Low Pressure, as this pump is focused on Mountain, Enduro, Cyclocross, Gravel, Fatbike and other specialties which can benefit from the incredible accuracy which only SILCA can offer. 

The SuperPista Ultimately LP joins the award winning SILCA product line including the Interlake Best In Show winning SuperPista Ultimate, and the Lava Magazine 'Gear of the Year' winning Hiro Locking chuck and our other problem solving products for the most discerning cyclists.  


My SILCA Story

December 02, 2013

My personal SILCA story begins in 1990.  I was a wannabe junior road racer who had saved for nearly 2 years to buy a racing bike, a blue and white Cannondale with Campagnolo Athena.  It took an extra few months to save for the Campag model, but it felt so worth it, it was beautiful.  I read every cycling magazine I could find, then got a job at the local shop, joined the local team, did pretty well and soon was attending camps at the Olympic Training Center.  In hindsight it was really magical, here I was a kid in the suburbs riding downtown everyday to work in a cool bike shop, learning about things that fascinated me from people... Continue Reading →