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Road to Roubaix Part 3: We Just Invented the Future

April 10, 2015

Note: Before buying SILCA I was fortunate to spend nearly 15 years as the Technical director at Zipp.  I worked with the most amazing team of engineers and production specialists to create some amazing products.  This story would not be possible without the efforts and brilliance (and blood, sweat and tears..literally) of Michael Hall, David Morse, John Fearncombe, Nic James and many others.  Please check out the video produced on this by Zipp and other info from them over HEREThanks Everybody!  Continued from Road to Roubaix Part 1 and Road to Roubaix Part 2 The podium and 4th place for Thor and Roger at the 2009 Roubaix had been a real rush for the team, we were truly thrilled, but at the same... Continue Reading →


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