The NEW SuperPista Ultimate


Reimagining the iconic SILCA SuperPista over the last 10 months has been a transformative experience for our small company.  We have enjoyed untold enthusiasm and support from SILCA fans worldwide through this process as we designed and developed.  Hundreds of thoughts and opinions were solicited through this website as well as our Facebook page as we worked.  What became clear through the process was that to SILCA users, the floor pump is not just another tool in the garage, it represents an important cycling ritual in their lives.


In some ways, inflating tires represents the simplest of cycling maintenance, yet to others it represents a critical performance technology or a final preparation to carefully tune the ride or cornering performance of the bicycle.  We heard stories from track racers who carefully set and log pressures before each event, of brevet riders looking to optimize comfort and rolling resistance, and of our own story of developing wheels for Paris-Roubaix only to learn that the three pumps on the team truck varied by over 10psi from each other!  Ultimately, what we heard the most were stories about great friends, great adventures and great rides from around the world, all pulled together in some small way by a shared experience with these classic pumps. 

Please enjoy the images of the new SuperPista Ultimate both on this site and on our Pinterest page.  For a full 10 page technical description which digs into all the details of the pump, please email us at

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