A Conversation with Bastion Cycles' James Woolcock

This is an Engineer's episode if there ever was one. Josh talks to James Woolcock of Bastion cycles, a maker of custom frames, or as the site puts it, "Bespoke Luxury Performance Bicycles." As you would expect, these bikes come with a significant price tag, but there's a lot of custom engineering based on a customer’s wants and needs going into each of their highly unique, high-performance bikes. Even if you're not in the market for an ultra-high-end bike, however, you'll enjoy the conversation between these two marginal gainers with engineering degrees.

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  • Jack Lilley


    I’m hoping you can advise my nice to have problem.

    I am a triathlete, and looking to get into time trialling too.

    I have a Dave Scott HUUB long course tri suit, and I’m looking to upgrade to the HUUB Anemoi. HUUB say the Anemoi is 15 Watts faster than mine, yet for an extra £50 they sell a Anemoi+ which is 18 watts faster. Thing is, I have a tri suit and with looking at getting into time trialling I’ve looked at skin suits. The skin suit I’m looking at is a Endura Drag 2 Zero Encapsulator SST, which from what I can gather is the fastest suit.

    But HUUB say there’s is the fastest tri suit, which i could be using for tri, duathalon and TT.

    I can’t find the data in CdA for the HUUB suit but can for the Endura…

    I don’t know which way to go can you help?!

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