SILCA Athletes & Ambassadors

We partner with a wide range of athletes to help us understand the demands of all riders.

From the roads of the world tour, to the gravel in Kansas, singletrack of Leadville, the boards of the velodrome, and everywhere in between. SILCA is supporting athletes and content creators all along the way.

SILCA athletes help shape the world class products we bring to you. SILCA ambassadors help the world know and realize those products.

Alexey Vermeulen

Alexey's racing career started for the BMC development team and Lotto Jumbo, he made a transition from the road, believing that the sponsorship model in professional cycling was flawed and that he could make more of an impact on the dirt.

As this dream has progressed, Alexey has been happy to find success not only in racing, but in community initiatives that, in his mind, provide as much promotion to a sponsor as a race win.

In 2023 Alexey is looking to improve on his 2nd place finish in the Life Time Grand Prix overall.

Dylan Johnson

Our resident marginal gains fanatic. Dylan is an elite endurance mountain bike and gravel racer, coach, and runs a YouTube channel that is dedicated to answering questions about how to get faster.

Dylan is dedicated to marginal gains in every aspect of training and equipment while targeting the Life Time Grand Prix. This makes him the perfect partner for SILCA.

Nathan Haas

He’s a 34-year-old Australian whose entire life has been about his love of cycling. Nathan raced for numerous years in the UCI XC mountain bike circuit before switching to the road, where he spent 10 years in the world tour for various teams and had an absolute blast racing the biggest races all around the world. He always felt it had been such an honor to be able to follow his passion, and now, racing as a pioneer in the emerging gravel scene around the world, being supported by the brands he’s always loved, admired, and dreamed of working with, SILCA for example, his journey in the sport feels like it just keeps getting more fun and more amazing. If there's any legacy for Nathan to leave on this earth, it would be knowing that he inspired people
to ride their bikes and to taught them how to do it in the best and most fun way possible.

EF Education First - Easy Post

At EF Pro Cycling, we embody the spirit of adventure both on and off the saddle. Our diverse team of pro athletes, cultural enthusiasts, and world travelers from 19 different countries is always on the lookout for new experiences and fresh perspectives. That's why we trust SILCA products to accompany us on our journeys, whether it's Neilson Powless claiming victory at Classica San Sebastian or Lachlan traversing the roads to the moon and back. SILCA is an integral part of our quest to merge cycling, culture, and perspective, as we share our tales from races around the globe.

Israel Premier Tech

Working with the worlds best is always a treat. Getting feedback from the likes of four time Tour de France Winner, Chris Froom, Alex Dowsett, and sprinter ace Giacomo Nizzolo is crucial in developing the best cycling accessories on the planet.

Phil Gaimon

Our resident Everesting and all-things-going-uphill-fast expert. Phil relies on SILCA for chain coatings, lightweight bottle cages, bar tape, and tire pressure advise to take every Strava KOM.


Rob Britton, originally from Regina, SK, but now residing in Victoria, BC, Canada, is a renowned former pro roadie. Having competed from 2010 to 2021, he was most recently associated with Rally cycling from 2016 to 2021 before transitioning
to the Human Powered Health team. Throughout his career, Rob earned a reputation as a skilled climber and stage racer. Among his accomplishments, he holds the title of this group's favorite Canadian, much to the regret of Adam.
Regarding Silca products, Rob finds the tire sealant with fiberfoam particularly impressive. His favorite races include the Tour of California on the road, BWR Canada on dirt, and the BC Bike Race on fat tires. Looking to the rest of 2023, Rob aims to continue pursuing notable results while also exploring the "ultra-distance" aspect of the sport. Noteworthy achievements from his career include winning the overall title at the 2017 Tour of Utah, claiming the overall victories at the 2015 and 2018 Tour of Gila, securing the Canadian National Champion ITT in 2019, emerging as the overall winner of the 2022 Trans Rockies Gravel Royale, triumphing at the 2023 BWR Canada, and achieving 8th place overall at the 2022 Lifetime Grand Prix and 6th place at the 2022 Unbound Gravel 200. In the same year, Rob set a Fastest Known Time (FKT) record in the BC Epic 1000, completing it in 57 hours and 37 minutes.

Gwen Jorgensen

Gwen Jorgensen is a remarkable athlete, having achieved the titles of 2016 Olympic Champion, 2014 & 2015 World Champion Triathlete, Professional Runner, and Mom. After winning Gold at the 2016 Olympics with a stunning performance in the 10K run segment, she transitioned from triathlon to focus on a new goal: the marathon. This decision came shortly after giving birth to her son Stanley in 2017. Supported by her husband Patrick Lemieux, a former pro cyclist and chef, they make a seamless team. Patrick plays a crucial role in helping Gwen fuel her training, especially during her nine-month breastfeeding journey as she got back into shape. As a relatable working mom, Gwen continues to inspire others on her new journey, supported every step of the way by her family.

Ethan Overson

grew up in Anchorage, AK and later moved to Tucson, AZ where he entered the cycling
world. He began racing as a junior, competing nationally and internationally.
After rising through the ranks, he debuted with Gateway Devo Cycling. He raced at multiple USA Road National Championships, Tour of the Gila, and Green Mountain Stage race events. In 2021, Ethan shifted his focus to gravel, winning Unbound 100 and placing 3rd at BWR Kansas.

Aside from racing, Ethan has been a bike mechanic for 6 years. He believes Silca provides the most prestigious and efficient products on the market. He loves to wrench with Silca tools!


Luke Hall grew up riding and running the gravel roads of southeast Kansas, just an hour and a half away from Emporia, home of the world-renown Unbound Gravel event. After racing in the road scene for a while, Luke returned to his roots and discovered a love for gravel racing. Luke loves everything from the ultra-endurance 1,000-mile Arkansas High Country to the high-elevation, full-throttle SBT GRVL. He will be competing in the BWR Quadruple Crown this year. A partnership with SILCA and their products allows Luke to concentrate on his riding and not worry about his equipment being its best before, during, and after the epic events Luke seeks out.

Alex Dowsett

Alex Dowsett, a former British pro road racing cyclist who represented UCI WorldTeam Israel–Premier Tech (previously riding for Team Sky, Movistar, and Katusha–Alpecin), excelled as a time trial specialist. Notably, in 2015, he shattered track cycling's world hour record by an impressive 446 meters, covering a distance of 52.937 kilometers. With a strong belief in marginal gains, he trusts SILCA's products, including aero dropouts, socks, lubricants, and cleaners, to optimize cycling performance. In addition to his cycling achievements, Dowsett founded the charitable foundation Little Bleeders UK to raise awareness of hemophilia and support young hemophiliacs in sports participation. Remarkably, he is considered the only able-bodied elite sportsperson with this condition. Initially, Alex pursued swimming, practicing up to five days a week before embracing cycling alongside his father on a mountain bike. Beyond his role as an ex-professional athlete and father with residences in three countries, he is known for his love of donuts.

Morgan Chaffin

Morgan, a dedicated athlete and coach from northeast Nebraska, discovered her passion for endurance sports during high school as a way to get in shape. The loss of her father in 1997 became a turning point in her life, leading her to embrace athletics as a coping mechanism, overcoming previous struggles with weight and smoking. After completing her education, including a Masters in Exercise Science, Morgan focused on triathlons and endurance coaching. She excelled as a professional triathlete from 2010 to 2020 before shifting her racing goals to gravel cycling in 2021, achieving remarkable results. Despite being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2022, her determination and resilience continue to shine in gravel events. As a coach, she helps athletes achieve prestigious qualifications, and her dedication to inspiring others is evident in her work. Morgan feels grateful for her role as an ambassador for Silca products, allowing her to connect with fellow endurance enthusiasts.

Marian University

48-time National Championship varsity collegiate cycling team, seven-time OMNIUM champs, eleven-time USAC Club of the Year.

These incredible student athletes are an invaluable partner to shape the future of the sport. We work with them on the road, track, mtb, and BMX to support their quest to be the best collegiate cycling program in the country.

Ricardo Torrao

Ricardo was born in South Africa, but with Portuguese & Dutch family. And also an amazing past as a professional football player, having played in some of the best leagues in the world.

His passion for competitive sports & adventure led him to Cycling & more specifically Ultra Cycling. Ricardo plays a strong role in the Ultra Distance Gravel & Road scene in the UK, inspiring others to get on their bikes and enjoy the beauty of the sport across some of the gnarliest races in the planet.

2022 is the year he is tackling some of the most competitive races in Europe such as Traka, 'A bike race the Size of Wales', The Rift & the Race Across UK. On top of all the racing, he also documents it and has his own youtube channels showcasing some of these races. 


Sherry, our most cheerful Colombian ultra racer and adventure cyclist based in Amsterdam, but most of the time can be found exploring the world by bike. Sherry is a successful ultra racer known to many for her YouTube channel Buzzalong & podcast, where she documents her adventures. Sherry races solo and pairs categories in the most demanding ultra races globally and loves to optimize for marginal gains and search for the best equipment and gadgets. This makes her the perfect partner for SILCA.


Thrilled to be a SILCA ambassador again! My family's deep roots in cycling, my experiences racing with Team Sky and legends like Wiggins, and my passion for instilling a love for the sport in my child all reflect our lifelong dedication to the cycling lifestyle. With SILCA, I get to celebrate this same kind of familial heritage and the precision that enhances all our cycling journeys. Here's to passing on that legacy to the next generation, as it has been passed on to me!


I am Geerike. Feel free to call me Gee. I am from the Netherlands and a gravel athlete. I quit my job as a soigneur in 2023 to ride my bike full-time and seek adventures. I compete in the world’s biggest gravel events and ride my bike wherever I can. I am excited that SILCA can be a part of my adventuresome cycling lifestyle.


Born in Murcia (Spain), Jimbo is an independent and creative cyclist, always providing his unique touch and signature to whatever he does.  From cargo bikes or nine metal tubes put together correctly to the mega-engineered, seamless, integrated world-tour bicycles and everything in between,  he loves and rides all sorts of properly designed bikes while making the proper use of them. Currently enjoying riding in loops at a high pace, interval workouts on lycra from head to toe, bike-packing and taking things to places still take the most significant part of his heart. Although this may change the next time you ask him, Jimbo's riding interests are constantly pivoting, which he finds very enriching. 


Max is an ultra-endurance bike packer based in Salzburg, Austria, and founder of the European cycling community website Max’s passion lies in conquering the most remote, rugged terrains, and the steeper the uphill, the more it fuels his spirit. He is quite a nerd regarding his equipment, especially for the durable, beautiful products that potentially make him faster. A match made in heaven. SILCA products have been found on his bikes before, so now, to be working with an iconic brand like SILCA is a dream come true!

SILCA Athletes