SILCA-Warranty Information

Why does SILCA have the Best Warranty in Cycling?

At SILCA we strive to build the most durable and timeless products possible with the technology available today.  It is our sincerest belief that products built to last should come with the finest warranty coverage in all of cycling. 

To show our commitment to you, we have created three levels of warranty protection with the intent of going above and beyond all others, while having an honest dialogue regarding the expectations and limitations of different types of products and their coverages.

The 3 Levels are:

1. SILCA Limited Warranty

2. SILCA Lifetime Warranty

3. SILCA Shield Warranty

Please read the descriptions and discussion below explaining each level.  For information about returns, refunds and exchanges please click HERE

Josh and the SILCA Team


 SILCA Limited Warranty

 Covers: Softgoods, Leather and Rubber gaskets, Gauges, Valves and Valve Extenders, Tubeless Tape and other products deemed to be wear items or ‘consumable’ components.

SILCA Limited is the name we’ve chosen for what most of the industry calls a ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’.  There is much confusion about the Limited Lifetime Warranty which in 90+ Percent of all situations covers the user against ‘Defects in Materials and Manufacturing for the lifetime of the product.’ 

It is our opinion that this type of warranty is often confusing for people as ‘Lifetime’ sounds like it should equate to ‘forever’ as in the lifetime of the user, and not the lifetime of the product.  In most cases the lifetime of the product is determined by the company.  The second point of confusion is what constitutes a ‘Defect in Materials or Manufacturing.’  The reality is that defects in materials are very rare, yet often quite obvious when they occur, and like manufacturing defects they will show themselves very early in the life of the product. 

So while this type of warranty sounds great when our ears hear ‘Lifetime Warranty,’ in reality the most important word here is ‘Limited’.  The other interesting limitation to these warranties for pumps and tools is that they are universally voided if the product is used in a commercial environment such as a bike shop, pro-team or similar.  It is not uncommon for bike shops to buy 3-4 floor pumps a year, all of them with ‘Limited Lifetime Warranty’ and all of them thrown in the trash when they fail at 3-4 months of use as this type of use is considered (in the fine print) to be ‘excessive’. 


The SILCA Limited Warranty

‘Parts covered by SILCA Limited Warranty are considered to be subject to wear through normal use or are consumable subject to degradation through the course of their daily use.  These parts are warrantied for their lifetime against defects in materials and manufacturing.  SILCA adds to this coverage by guaranteeing a minimum lifetime for these products regardless of the amount of use or situation of use.  All parts covered by the SILCA Limited Warranty are guaranteed to have a minimum useful life of 2 years from date of purchase.’


2. The SILCA Lifetime Warranty

SILCA Lifetime Warranty is applied to hard parts and tools as noted on their respective packaging.

The SILCA Lifetime Warranty takes the traditional Limited Lifetime Warranty to the next level in two important ways. 

  1. SILCA Lifetime covers the products for the lifetime of the user against defects in materials and manufacturing.
  2. SILCA Lifetime also sets a minimum product life expectancy within which we will repair or replace parts for failures due to extreme use or fatigue which would otherwise NOT be considered related to defects in materials or manufacturing. SILCA lifetime sets this life expectancy at 7 years.


The SILCA Lifetime Warranty

‘Parts covered by the SILCA Limited Lifetime Warranty are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials or manufacturing for the lifetime of the user.  In addition this coverage, SILCA Limited Lifetime guarantees all hard parts to remain functional for a period of 7 years beyond the original date of purchase.  This coverage includes wear and fatigue related failures or damage to these parts, but does not cover damage related to abuse, modification, or non-use related failures such as dents, impacts, running over with car, etc..’


3. The SILCA Shield

SILCA Shield applies to all Ultimate Level Products.  If it has Ultimate in the name, it’s covered by SILCA Shield

Why Shield?

Shield is SILCA’s and the cycling industry’s most comprehensive and inclusive warranty.  It is a representation of the beliefs and values of the SILCA Team to create the finest products to last the test of time.  SILCA Shield is unlike any warranty ever before, covering parts far beyond what is covered in any ‘Limited Lifetime’ warranty by any other company. 

SILCA Shield includes SILCA Limited and SILCA Limited Lifetime Warranties while also adding and extending 3 completely unique types of coverage to buyers:

  1. SILCA Shield includes coverage for the lifetime of the buyer against any and all defects in materials and manufacturing.
  2. SILCA Shield sets a minimum product life expectancy within which we will repair or replace parts for failures even due to extreme use or fatigue which would otherwise NOT be considered related to defects in materials or manufacturing. SILCA Shield sets this life expectancy at 25 years.
  3. SILCA Shield also offers a Complete No Fault repair or replacement of products covered by SILCA Shield for a period of 6 months from date of purchase, and extending to 2 years with product registration at This No Fault replacement even covers accidents and damage due to mishaps extending beyond traditional use of the product, but does not cover intentional damage to the product of damages caused by extreme negligence.

What is meant by ‘No Fault’ and ‘accidents and damage due to mishaps extending beyond traditional use’?  We commonly hear from Ultimate buyers asking ‘is this possibly true?’  Yes, we mean, accidents and damage not related to use:  

Floor pump run over it with your car: covered. 

Frame pump destroyed in training ride crash: covered

Pocket Impero dented in Mtn Bike crash: covered

Floor pump wrapped around tree in tornado (true story): covered.

We wanted SHIELD to be unlike ANYTHING previously done for consumers.  SHIELD is our agreement with you that money spent on Ultimate level products should be viewed as money invested, and we are your long term partners in that investment.


SILCA-Shield is our exclusive warranty coverage for Ultimate Level products.  This is THE most comprehensive warranty in all of cycling, and guarantees you a lifetime of performance from your SILCA products. It includes -

  1. SILCA Limited Coverage for all rubber, leather and gauge parts.
  2. Lifetime coverage of all hard parts against manufacturing and material defects. Your lifetime, not that of the pump.
  3. 25 Year Hard Parts Guarantee -  You break any hard part, we'll replace or repair it.  This is not a typical 'manufacturers defect' but any failure of any hard part in regular use. For 25 years.  
  4. 6 Months No Fault - No questions asked repair or replacement to correct functional damage regardless of cause. We understand bad luck and unfortunate circumstances, and would like to help you out.  With registration, we'll extend the No Fault period to 2 years.