SILCA-Warranty Information


Why does SILCA have the Best Warranty in Cycling?

At SILCA we strive to build the most durable and timeless products possible with the technology available today.  It is our sincerest belief that products built to last should come with the finest warranty coverage in all of cycling. 

To show our commitment to you, we have created three levels of warranty protection with the intent of going above and beyond all others, while having an honest dialogue regarding the expectations and limitations of different types of products and their coverages.

Please read the descriptions and discussion below explaining each level. 

Josh and the SILCA Team



‘Parts covered by SILCA Limited Warranty are considered to be subject to wear through normal use or are consumable subject to degradation through the course of their daily use.  This includes all electronic products.  Parts covered under the Limited Warranty are covered for 2 years against defects in materials and manufacturing workmanship, but are only covered for 'wear and tear' under regular use for a period of 1 Year.  Parts covered under the Limited Warranty are only covered for 6 months of 'wear and tear' when used in commercial environments, these include bike shops, manufacturing facilities, professional teams, etc.  


‘Parts covered by the SILCA Limited Lifetime Warranty are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials or manufacturing for the lifetime of the user. In addition this coverage, SILCA Limited Lifetime guarantees all hard parts to remain functional for a period of 7 years beyond the original date of purchase. This coverage includes wear and fatigue related failures or damage to these parts, but does not cover damage related to abuse, modification, or non-use related failures such as dents, impacts, running over with car, etc..’  All rubber, leather, and gauge related parts are covered under the Limited Warranty described above, even when these components are part of a product covered by the Lifetime Warranty.



SILCA-Shield is our exclusive warranty coverage for Ultimate Level products. This is THE most comprehensive warranty in all of cycling, and guarantees you a lifetime of performance from your SILCA products. It includes -

Lifetime coverage of all hard parts against manufacturing and material defects. Your lifetime, not that of the pump. 25 Year Hard Parts Guarantee - You break any hard part, we'll replace or repair it.  This is not a typical 'manufacturers defect' but any failure of any hard part in regular use. For 25 years, 2 Year No Fault - No questions asked repair or replacement to correct functional damage regardless of cause. We understand bad luck and unfortunate circumstances, and would like to help you out.  All rubber, leather, and gauge related parts are covered for 2 years against wear and tear even when part of a product covered under the SILCA Shield Warranty.