AJA #22: Summer Vs Winter, Tubes Vs Tubeless, Track Vs Road


A wheel builder wants Josh's thoughts on the difference between road and track rims. A soon-to-be-worldtour-racing pro wants to know whether the sluggishness he senses in tubeless tires is all in his head. A gravel racer wants to know how to justify the purchase of a second set of wheels to his wife. And of course, the saga of hypotheticals continues as a listener asks what Josh would do if he were suddenly the Tech Director of the UCI.

As always, it's a wide-ranging episode of Marginal Gains...and you will not want to miss it.


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  • Sebastien Poule

    I’d be interested in hearing what you all know about using talc with inner tubes.

    My take is that talc makes installation easier, reduces punctures, reduces rolling resistance and keeps tubes from fusing to tire casings.

    Cons I hear from other riders* is that talc is messy and causes cancer. The cancer concern is probably is a bit overblown since the real problem is asbestos contamination in some talc, not talc itself.

    I’d be especially interested in Josh’s knowledge about wheel testing and whether talc was part of testing protocols.

    *these guys usually are adult-onset cyclists with too much money and the attention span of squirrels that don’t get the finer points of tire and tube installation.

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