AJA 23: Tubeless Sealant Deep-Dive



Silca has a new tubeless tire sealant out, and Hottie and Fatty have some questions about it. A whole hour's-worth of questions, in fact. From the recycling aspect of it to setup strategies to keeping carbon fiber from clogging your valve stem, this is the episode that shows what happens when Josh starts thinking about plugging up holes.


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  • velo nous

    Hi and thanks for the always informative show!

    I’ve got a question for the next AJA, sorry if it has been asked and covered previously, I haven’t gotten through every episode in the back catalog yet:

    How can I check/test whether my chain is sufficiently clean to wax treat it? I have seen the procedure you recommend, but I am not sure if my application/adaptation to circumstances is good enough.

    For reference, this is what I have done with new shimano chains: two passes of shaking them in muc offs bike cleaner concentrate (diluted at about 1:4), then using my small household ultrasonic cleaner first with 75C hot water with dishsoap, then clear water, finally rinsing in isopropyl alcohol (70%) and drying them.

    Looking forward to your answer, best regards from Cottbus, Germany

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