AJA 29: Hot Wax on a Hot Day


It's an Ask Josh Anything episode! We talk about The Rule of 105, the extent to which "bigger is better" is true for fairings, whether tire inserts need to be factored in when using air pressure calculators, why you might get conflicting recommendations from different air pressure calculators, how many watts a slow-turning old derailleur cog might cost you, the challenges a hot day might bring to your waxed chain, and more. So much more. Some people might say too much more, but we are not those people, and we're betting you are not either. Don't miss this episode, and keep your questions coming!

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  • DeVon Griffon

    I’m NASA’s Acting Deputy Director for Biological and Physical Sciences. Comment on dust: Lunar dust is very sharp because it is the result of meteor impacts and there is no atmosphere or water to weather it. Martian dust should not be as sharp due to atmospheric weathering.

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