Alex Dowsett: Marginal Gains Jedi


Alex Dowsett has been a Marginal Gainer since he started riding with his dad on the roads of his hometown in England. He quickly became a time trialist and then pro, riding for a handful of teams and racking up more than a dozen wins before finally hanging up his wheels after the 2022 season. But the fact that Alex became a sportsman at all is a major win. You will not want to miss this great conversation with an amazing Marginal Gainer!

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  • Josh Spencer

    Hi guys, and greetings from Fort Wayne. I am a wanna-be triathlete, and I’m doing my best to buy speed wherever possible. Last year, during the sub-7/sub-8 triathlon event (which as you know included both Dowsett and Bigham) , I noticed the guys were using a dual-rear-aero-bottle cage setup to replicate a fairing. Since that time, I’ve seen other triathletes using variations on this setup where the size and positioning from the saddle seems more likely to be there for aero benefits rather than hydration purposes. This morning (2/16), WattShop’s instagram posted a picture of Fenella Langrdge’s latest Trek with one of the biggest fairings I’ve seen so far. I asked in the comments who made it and no one seemed interested in talking :). I’m wondering if you could talk more about the potential aero gains from fairings – specifically if “bigger is better”, and how far you see this trend going.

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