Alexey Vermeulen: Racing, BWR, Grand Prix Postmortem, & Mental Marginal Gains


Alexey Vermeulen is exhausted. He deserves to be, having just taken a hard-fought podium spot in the Life Time Grand Prix. And wins in multiple BWR races. And producing a show where he mentors novice cyclists. And much more. But he still found time — hours after flying home from Big Sugar and hours before he flies out to his next event — to get together with the Marginal Gains crew to talk about how he doesn't just survive in this demanding environment, but actually thrives. Don't miss this episode of Marginal Gains!

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  • Zsolt

    Hi MG Team,

    Quick question to the wheel guru (aka Josh). Which wheel is faster? A 35mm deep wheel with 20 front and 24 rear spokes, or a 45/50mm wheel with 24 front and 24 rear spokes? Assuming the profile, width, spokes and tires are otherwise the same.

    Also, how do the aero marginal gains apply when riding in the bunch or just coasting on a false flat with 0 watts?

    Awesome podcast, binged through the whole thing in a few days. Thank you

  • Nick

    How frequently would you re-wax the chain on an indoor track bike?

  • Zsolt

    Help make me SLOWER!

    First of all, awesome pod, thanks for all the insights! I’ve got quite an unusual question. With my current fitness, the longest climb available for me is around 20 minutes (~275W). What marginal losses would make sense to try to make the climb take more time at the same wattage to have longer training intervals? Switching to a 650B wheelset with a really slow rolling narrower tire? Weight? Where and how? Help me turn negative marginal gains during training into positive ones on race day! Thank you!

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