An Interview with Amity Rockwell


Amity Rockwell is not afraid to speak her mind, which makes for a fast, fun, and thoughtful conversation with this Unbound champ. We talk diversity, equity, social media and most recently, plans for a Gravel Hall of Fame. You will not want to miss this episode!

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  • Graig

    Hi, love the podcast! I was hoping Josh could help with a tire/tire pressure question for a mixed surface race. Upcoming road race is 75miles, 5,300’ of climbing, with 27 miles (36%) of gravel. It is more of a strade surface, packed clay with some loose gravel in places. Do you air for the gravel, or the road? From listening to past episodes and hearing that under-airing is usually less impactful than over-airing, I think I know the answer. Also, rule of 105 puts me on 25mm tires with my 27mm width rims, should I not worry about that and run 28s to get an even smoother ride? The race is usually pretty quick (for me) and I am hoping to finish with an average speed of around 20mph if that matters at all. The race is about 6 hours away, so I am not sure I will have the chance to test different pressures, so I am going to have to take a pretty close guess. Thanks for your help!

  • Zoltan Orosz

    Hello guys, this is Zoltan, I am a regular listener from Hungary, Europe.
    Will you continue the Ask Josh Anything series? If so, I have a question to Josh.
    If I buy a new road bike, from the LBS, “off the shelf” and I want to make it faster and I have an additional 1000 dollars/euros to spend on marginal gains, what would you suggest to change/modify/enhance on the bike? I know “it depends”, but I am hoping to get a few ideas and the rational behind those. (Conditions: sportive riding on “normal” paved roads, mix of hills and flats, normally dry conditions, but sometimes a bit of rain, 3-5 hours long rides, around 100km)
    Thanks and best regards

  • Travis Verhoff

    @Kelly Marginal Gains are absolutely that, marginal. The aero gains at 13-14mph are there, but they are much bigger at 30mph. Similarly the friction loss benefits of a waxed chain are greater for faster riding, but the cleanliness and longevity benefits are very real for all riders.

  • Kelly Aicher

    Hey guys, love the podcast. I am a 35 year industry veteran (now semi retired after selling my stake in a large multi store bike retailer). I am a bit of a techie nerd, but a slow rider. I enjoy all of the gear, and recently waxed my chains (with Silca wax) for the first time in over 20 years, just to experiment with the option. My question is, with all of the advances in wheel aerodynamics, tire technology and weight reduction, are there really any marginal gains for us slow pokes (13-14mph average, 150-180 watt average) riders? Or, is it just fun to participate in the world of bike tech.

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