Andy Hampsten and Marginal Gains



Possibly the nicest living cycling legend, the one and only Andy Hampsten joins Josh to talk both about the early days of his career and to give an account of what is easily one of the most extraordinary performances ever in cycling: Andy's unbelievable day on the Gavia in the 1988 Giro D' Italia.


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  • Don Jones

    Great double-session with the amazing Andy Hamptsen! I want to do a tour with him!

    Question for Josh: at what point in the shift combo does cross-chaining begin to create Neg drag? People who will remain nameless think a full large-to-large x-chain is just as efficient as a small to mid. I know there is laboratory data out there, but what does Silca say?

  • Nels

    I was smiling the whole time during that podcast. I love that Levi’s-Raleigh kit back in the day.

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