Ask Josh Anything #004

Q&A Episode 4 -

We didn't set out to turn every other episode of the Marginal Gains Podcast into the "Try to Stump Josh" game show, but at least 2/3 of the hosts of the show are glad it worked out this way. In this episode, we ask Josh what he thinks of Zipp's new MTB rims, puzzle over why the GoPro is so non-aero (and how to mitigate that non-aero-ness), discuss aero cranks and why they aren't any bigger of a deal than they are, talk about why it's faster (sometimes) to ride the white divider line, wonder why ceramic bearings don't (usually) turn back into sand, detail the steps for figuring out CRR in the field, explain why heavier riders descend faster, and — believe it or not — more. Enjoy this new Q&A episode of the show that makes a big deal about the little things, and how those little things can be a big deal.

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  • Scott savin

    Points of contact. To me the most important points of contact are the shoes and pedals. Like your opinion on where that ranks in terms of marginal gains. I am using aero aero light pedals stack height 8 mm and right on top of crank no float and custom don Landon shoes with proper othodics that are made for those cleats.almost no loss of power.i see a lot of very good cyclists with old Audi shoes and bad pedals. I really believe that they are losing more then 20 watts of power with system versus a very efficient system

  • Andy Walford

    reading again the Road to Roubaix and the importance of tyre pressures and leakage rates. Do tyres just leak air or do they leak faster being used on the road compared to being a spare in the team car? I assume leakage rate is proportional to pressure… so does the dynamic pressure fluctuation due to rolling on the road lead to a faster rate?

  • Alex

    Sony makes a reasonably aero shaped action camera: Certainly more aero than the ‘brick’ GoPro!

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