Ask Josh Anything #010

We've got a great batch of questions from you for Josh to contemplate this episode:

  • Does the placebo effect apply to cycling clothes and shoes as well as to equipment?
  • Since many rims are different widths in different places, where should we measure when applying the rule of 105?
  • How much — if any — does a patched tube affect a bike's CRR?
  • Are third-party ceramic bearings and oversized pulley wheels still relevant?
  • How marginal of a gain do you get with a really nice hub?
  • Is it faster to run a deeper wheel in the front than the rear?

Josh will answer all of these — and more! — in this episode of Marginal Gains (Disclaimer: the answer almost always begins with "it depends.")

Got a question you’d like to ask? Text or leave a voicemail at the Marginal Gains Hotline: +1-317-343-4506 or just leave a comment in this post!

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  • Jo O.

    Hi Josh, I love the podcast.

    I have a question. Is a roadbike with slacker gemotry (I.e more stable, less twitchy) faster if you are going in a strait line?

    Maybe the more stable bike ‘snakes’ less.

    If you would snake 2% less would you be going 2% ‘faster’ if measured in a straight line?

    Best regards,

    Jo from Belgium

  • Robert Chung


  • George (South Africa)

    A fun question… inspired by a gift and your new Cuscino bar tape. I recently as given a Waboba Moon Ball as a gift and it’s marketed as a hyper bouncing ball and that got me thinking about the material it’s made from. If you were to make a bouncing ball from the Silcalon, found in your tape, would you get a really amazing bouncing ball that would bounce better than most others out there? Or are these types of bouncing balls made from a harder material which already has low hysteresis but insufficient cushioning to be used for bar tape or 2hr marathon shoes? Thanks for the great shows!

  • Andrew

    Keep up the excellent work and awesome content. For Silca fans, it’s a pretty good time to be shopping for some tools and bags. I was in the market for a multi-tool that would handle 2 mm derailleur adjustments and 6 mm thru axle removal. The Silca Tredici made my short list and in the end I found a hard to pass up deal on a loaded EOLO wallet. I can’t wait to get it in my hands and for the snow to clear to get riding outside again.

  • Michael McClure

    Great show guys! I saw Josh on the “Path Less Pedaled” YouTube channel and have been binge-listening to catch up.

    I would love to hear Josh’s thoughts on high-performance recumbent bikes. Superior CdA, the UCI ban, hour records, etc. Bikes such as the Cruzbike Vendetta do very well in endurance events (often winning outright but being relegated to “fastest recumbent” ) and a modified M5 CHR posted an hour record of 57.6km.

    They don’t get much play in cycling media because of the UCI ban, but you guys don’t seem to be afraid to think outside of the box.

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