Ask Josh Anything #13

We've asked you to ask Josh anything (kind of meta, we know), and you do not disappoint. In this episode, however, we completely lose track of the "ask" thing because we are SO GEEKED OUT on Ronan McLaughlin's new Everesting record. If ever there's been a full-circle Marginal Gain moment, this is it. Listen and you'll understand.

Eventually, however, we do get to your questions, including:

  • The most reasonable way to measure your wheel circumference
  • The best bike positions ... if you take aero OUT of the equation (hi Zwifters!)
  • Whether new pavement means you should start putting more air in your tires
  • How nearby barriers affect your time trialing

We love our listeners' questions. Keep them coming.

Got a question you’d like to ask? Text or leave a voicemail at the Marginal Gains Hotline: +1-317-343-4506 or just leave a comment in this post!

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  • Motemøbler

    This is a good posting, I was wondering if I could use this write-up on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away

  • John W

    Two questions for your “Ask Josh Anything” segment:

    First -

    I spend a fair amount of time riding a tandem. Do you have any specific comments about or recommendations for arriving at the optimal tire widths and pressures for these types of bicycles. May I simply apply the appropriate tire width and our collective weight (i.e., total for both riders) to the handy Silca Pro Pressure Calculator and go with that result, or is there more to consider when riding as a duo?

    Second -

    In order to protect my eyes and face from the sun, I typically wear a bicycle helmet with a visor. Am I paying a significant aerodynamic drag penalty by doing so?

    Thanks! And, keep up the great work!!!

  • Mārtiņš

    I hope this question finds the way to the AJA series:

    With road bikes adopting disk brakes, what are the possibilities that are available for the shape and manufacturing methods of rims? Is high heat process still needed and if not, what possibilities does this open up?

  • Richard Robinson

    Hi Josh, As a long time Silca pump owner and convert to lower tire pressures. How come Silca pumps are still sold with 220 lbs gauges? What percentage owners will ride at those pressures?

    I would love to see Silca come out with a retro fit pressure gauge that tops out at 100-120.

  • Lars Van Coppenolle

    Hi, I’m looking tot use and speedsuit in my races next year. Above 30°C I Will use standard bibs and jersey to cool down a bit more. Sub 30°C, should I use a speedsuit with long sleeves of should I shave my forearms? What would be the wattage difference?

    Love the podcasts

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