Ask Josh Anything #15

Nobody enjoyed seeing (or hearing about) Chloé Dygert's recent crash, but it was an extraordinary illustration of one of the effects discussed in our most recent episode on Bifurcation. Josh breaks it down (and we all wish her a fast recovery and speedy return to racing).

We also discuss UCI frame rules modifications, and how those open the door for changes (some massive, some marginal) in how bikes perform and look.

And of course we take on a slew of awesome listener questions, including:

  • Could Primož Roglič have won the Tour de France if he'd paid more attention to marginal gains?
  • How to accommodate non-bifurcation segments in a race as well as the moment of bifurcation
  • When is Silca going to come out with a pre-treated chain?
  • Robert Chung's maxim on bicycles

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  • Visa Jokelainen

    Thanks for the podcast and greetings from Finland!

    A chain related question for Josh:

    I’ve been hot melt waxing my chains for a couple of years, using just solid paraffin with a dash of paraffin oil to get the correct consistency. I am happy, keeping the drivetrain clean and running smoothly is much easier than with drip oils – and I suppose it might be faster too. But how many watts could I save using the Super Secret Chain Wax instead of the traditional paraffin wax?

  • Neil M Winkelmann

    I’m feeling a bit happy that I stocked up on chains near the start of this Covid thing.

  • Steven Toby

    An item of note concerning Primož Roglič’s ‘Yellow Jersey’ Skinsuit versus Tadej Pogačar’s ‘White Jersey’ SkinSuit; they were both in TdF issued skinsuits as jersey leaders, and thus had the exact same choices available to them the night before the TT. See the following film on FloBikes ( showing the fitting the night before. Pogačar selected a long sleeve suit, while Roglič selected a short sleeve suit. Seamstresses were on site to make alterations.

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